How to Make Simple Pancakes at Home, Soft and Easy to Practice

How to Make Simple Pancakes

Pancakes are one of the snacks we have often encountered in restaurants, cafes, or coffee shops. This dish often appears as a breakfast or snack menu before lunch.

Pancakes or pannenkoek in Dutch are pancakes made from ingredients such as flour, eggs, sugar, and milk. The ingredients are mixed with water to make a mixture. The mixture is then fried on a flat pan or pan that has been oiled. Usually on top of the pancakes are added butter, mapple syrup, jam, or honey. How to make simple pancakes can also be eaten with cheese, berries, and sliced ​​meat.

The way to make simple pancakes is food that has actually been around for a long time, but has not been so popular in society today. The origin of this pancake is even believed to have existed since time or Ancient Roman Civilization. Initially the method of making simple pancakes was called Alita Dolcia, which means 'sweet food', which is made from flour, milk, and spices.

Gradually, pancakes became known and increasingly popular in Europe since the 1430s. And since then, pancakes have begun to be used as a typical food of the people in Eastern Europe, like in Mardi Gras. In this region, pancakes are used as a typical menu on Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Tuesday, which is served the day before Easter.

How to make simple pancakes is often used as a dessert or dessert. But in British society, this sweet snack is often served as the main menu. Well, it's fine if indeed this food is used as the main menu at the dinner table, because everyone has their own way of enjoying or eating these pancakes.

When viewed from the ingredients used, these foods also use the same ingredients, such as flour as the basic ingredient in making the dough. What distinguishes it is the method of processing it. This difference in processing methods results in different products. The nutritional value contained in these foods will certainly be different.

The ingredients for making pancakes are simple:

- 100 grams of flour

- 250 ml of liquid milk

- A little salt

- 1 egg

- Enough margarine for spread

Topping up how to make simple pancakes:

- Mapple syrup

- Ice cream

- Melted chocolate

Equipment and materials
The tools for making pancakes are simple:

- Nonstick or Teflon pan

- Containers of various sizes

- Measuring glass

- Brush


- Liquid milk put in a separate container.

- Wheat flour, sifter and put in a separate container.

- Eggs separate the yellow and white parts. Put each one in two separate containers.

How to make simple pancakes:

1. Prepare the container for pancake mixture, add flour, egg yolks and salt.

2. Use a spatula or whisk to stir the mixture, stir until evenly distributed and completely mixed. If there are still lumps or bubbles on the mixture, stir again until it disappears.

3. Use a mixer to whisk the egg whites in different containers. Set the speed control to high mode in the mixer.

4. Pour this egg white mixture into the flour mixture. By using a spatula, stir the mixture evenly.

5. Prepare a Teflon or a nonstick pan on the stove that lights up on low heat, then melt a little margarine.

6. After the pan becomes hot enough, pour about 2 1/2 spoonfuls of the mixture then cover the pan with the lid.

7. Wait a minute then turn the mixture over. Do it until done and brown.

8. Then, lift the mixture and place it on the plate. Place 2 scoop of ice cream on top, then add a little maple syrup and chocolate melt.

How to make simple pancakes can also be made from bananas. In fact it feels no less delicious and very soft when eaten. How to make simple banana pancakes is also not much different from how to make simple pancakes.

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