How to Make your Own Beef Meatballs at Home, Chewy and Tasty

How to Make your Own Beef Meatballs at Home, Chewy and Tasty

Meatballs are one of the most popular Indonesian foods for all people. Starting from children to adults. According to KBBI, meatballs are foods made from beef, shrimp, fish that are chopped and crushed with starch and egg white, usually shaped round.

In Indonesia, there are many kinds of meatballs, some made from beef, chicken, fish, and many more. Even now meatballs are no longer just meat balls but can be filled with various kinds. Quail eggs, chicken eggs, chili, chili sauce, sausages, and cheese can be filled.

Material for making beef meatballs:

1 kg of beef, ground

50 grams of starch

1 egg

2 teaspoons of ground pepper

1 tsp salt

4 garlic cloves, puree

40 grams of ice cubes, crush it

2 L of water

How to make beef meatballs:

1. Put the ground beef in the container, mix the starch, eggs, powdered pepper, mashed salt and garlic.

2. Mix or knead by hand or can use the tool until everything is perfectly mixed.

3. If it feels the dough is still soft and difficult to form, then it can be added to the ice cubes slowly until it feels the dough can be formed.

4. Boil the water in the pan until boiling.

5. Take the meat mixture by hand then round shape either with both hands or with one hand pressed until the mixture comes out through the index finger and thumb.

6. Add the formed mixture into the hot water.

7. Continue until all the dough runs out.

8. If the pentol has floated then the pentol is cooked. Lift.

How to make gravy beef meatballs:

1. Prepare a pan and give enough clean water.

2. Enter the sap and bone and boil until tender or for about 60 minutes. During the cooking process defecate which might stick and foam the water up to the top.

3. After that, prepare a frying pan and give enough oil to saute.

4. Add the finely chopped garlic and stir-fry until it smells sweet and then turn it off.

5. Put the sautéed garlic together with beef broth, salt and pepper powder into a pan filled with broth.

6. Stir so that all ingredients are evenly mixed until boiling then turn off the flame.

Source : Liputan6

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