Indonesian Rice Cone Rice Recipe

Yellow rice is an original creation from Indonesia, even for some presentation from yellow rice can be used as a cone. Even the yellow cone rice is a special dish that often occurs in various events, including thanksgiving or office events and various types of activities.

The main ingredients used are rice cooked with coconut milk and turmeric with the addition of selected spices so that this concoction of spices can absorb into the rice and make this menu special. This is what makes yellow tumpeng rice tasty and delicious compared to plain white rice. Even with additional side dishes and vegetables, which can increase the nutritional value of yellow rice cone, it is better. 

This yellow rice cone becomes a special menu because there are many creations that can be made by you when serving yellow rice cone. These shapes and variations make the decoration of various yellow rice cones diverse. You can try with a new idea to make yellow rice cone creations, good luck trying Indonesian recipes.

Main ingredient of 
3 liters of rice, then wash thoroughly
1/4 liter of thick coconut milk

Condiment ingredients 
1 tablespoon turmeric, then grate, then also boil in water as much as 50 cc of water, strain until it comes out of the pulp

2 pieces of pandan leaves, then form into knot

1 lemongrass sprinkles

3 bay leaves Adequate

salt (usually 1 tablespoon)

Complementary ingredients 

beef jerky

Tempe sliced ​​


Ingredients For 
Long Peanuts


Flower carrots are boiled

Red chili

Banana leaves


How To Make Yellow Rice Tumpeng Completely Delicious And Simple
How to make
1. The first step of coconut milk and turmeric are combined together with pandan leaves, bay leaves, lemongrass and also give salt then bring to a boil

2. Continue with steaming the rice to half cooked,

3.steam in a pan Then pour the boiled coconut milk until it absorbs in steamed rice Stir , then steam again until cooked.

4.While to decorate yellow rice cone can be adjusted to your taste,

5. as well as additional side dishes and vegetables in the presentation.

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