Rainbow Cake Recipe

Rainbow Cake Recipe

Rainbow cake is a layered cake with a combination of rainbow colors. This cake was deliberately made by Kaitlin at his best friend's farewell party. His best friend's love for the rainbow and lemon, made Kaitlin want to give something different.

4 eggs
150 gr sugar (original 200)
1 tbsp SP / TBM
150 gr of key flour / triangle
1 saccet dancow powder (blh skip)
1 saccet skm (blh 2 yes 😆)
1 small packet (skip skip)
Little vanilla essence + salt + 6 coloring
150 cc cooking oil

1. Mix flour + milk powder + baking powder, set aside ... heat the steam to the fire, leave it aside

2.Egg mixer sugar + vanilla + salt until the sugar is crushed ... enter the sp mixer until it expands in step ... mix the trig .. mix it with speed 1 mixer just mix .. enter also SKM and coconut milk mixer bntr mixer

3.Put the oil stir again (slowly "just" so it's too strong for the batter) ... for the mixture in 6 mangkongs each "give the dye

4.Take the baking sheet, run over the oil paper, steam it 1 color first ... Skitar 6-7 minutes .. Then cool it, replace the new 1x steamed color again for 6-7 minutes, then repeat until all the colors run out (this is for the coated cake) butter) .. steaming should be heated before 15 minutes cover the napkin

5. Cool basting with whippee cream / butter cream ...

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