Recipe For Chocolate Ball Balls

Snacking is indeed the most fun activity interrupted by daily activities that are busy or even accompany you while you are bored. Cakes are one of the most preferred food choices as snacks, but sometimes you will definitely think that making a cake is complicated and takes a long time, so you buy ready-made cakes at the store.

1 packet of biscuits (any brand)
1 sachet of sweet chocolate condensed milk (any brand)
1 pack of meises or enough
Adequate mineral water

Equipment and supplies
Blender / rub
1 spoon
2 pieces of Mangkok
1 plate

Steps to make
1. Pour meises into an empty bowl
2. Blend the biscuits with a blender or peel
3. Transfer the crushed biscuits to the empty bowl
4. Pour 1 sachet of sweetened condensed milk and enough water into the mashed biscuits
5. Stir all ingredients that have been mixed until it becomes a mixture
6. The shape of the dough becomes like balls using clean hands.
7. Pour the mixture that has been formed into the meises bowl evenly
8. Transfer the chocolate balls to the empty plate and then put them in the freezer for 10-15 minutes
9. Chocolate balls ready to be served!
Now how are you guys, really easy right? You can also use topes with Oreo or other toppings to your liking, good luck!

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