Recipe For Fan Banana Snacks

Fry bananas using enough cooking oil and use medium heat, when frying bananas, you can simply dip the banana 4-5 pieces so that they are not sticky with each other and the shape is like the fan remains intact and awake

- Half-baked banana 1/2 comb, the fruit is tight, peeled
- 150 gram rice flour
- 50 grams of refined sugar
- Salt 1 tsp
- Vanilla 1 tsp
- Cooking oil 2 tbsp, for the mixture
- 100 cc water
- The oil for frying

 How to make

1. Mix flour, granulated sugar, salt and vanilla. Pour water while stirring until evenly mixed (add a little yellow food coloring if you like). Add cooking oil, mix well again

2. Slice the banana lengthwise, not until it breaks, into 4-5 slices, then spread like a fan

3. Dip bananas into flour mixture, fry until cooked to yellow. Lift and drain

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