Recipe for Rice Cracker Snacks

Recipe for Rice Cracker Snacks

Got a lot of rice left over last night? Eits, don't throw it away first. More useful if you make spicy rice crackers, as one of the snacks or cheap and tasty snacks at home. This recipe for spicy rice crackers snacks that you can try.
200 gr of leftover rice, soak the water for about 1-2 hours
200 gr tapioca flour or just enough
1 tablespoon instant chili powder
5 garlic cloves
1 tsp coriander
salt and pepper powder to taste

How to make spicy rice crackers:
1. Drain the soaked rice, smooth the blender with garlic, coriander, pepper and salt.
2. Pour into the container and mix with chili powder, tapioca flour and a little flavoring.
3. Stir until it becomes a solid mixture. Oval-shaped. Then boil until it floats.
4. Lift and drain. Cool and store in the refrigerator so that it is sliced ​​easily.
5. Dry it to dry properly, about 1-2 days.
6. Fried crackers until fluffy, and ready to be enjoyed as a snack.

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